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我們的咖啡生豆均從日本最大咖啡進口商採購,日本專業團隊包括專業生豆鑑定師、日本J.C.Q.A 認可Q  Grader、資深烘豆師及特派咖啡專員長期駐守於世界不同咖啡產地等,精準地挑選出世界各地咖啡生豆。日本人對咖啡生豆有著「職人」的堅持,無論在温度或濕度上的操控,生豆的新鮮度以及品質檢測都十分重視,加上日本咖啡及喫茶文化發展歷史,還有即溶咖啡、罐裝咖啡及掛耳咖啡,日本積累著長久且專業的咖啡知識,實為亞洲區No.1飲用咖啡大國,天祿咖啡生豆貿易公司以日本人的精神,把日本團隊的生豆帶入香港,讓咖啡愛好者得到更優質的咖啡生豆選擇。


All green coffee beans of Tandron Spirits International Limited are purchased from Japan’s largest coffee importer, they are professional green bean connoisseur, Japanese JCQA-approved Q Grader and top roasters.  Their coffee specialists also stationed in different coffee country of origin around the world to monitor the cultivation of coffee to ensure premium green coffee beans are selected.


Japanese have an "artisan" insistence on green coffee beans. Their temperature, humidity control, the freshness and quality standards of green beans are equally important.  With the development of coffee and coffee shop culture, as well as the launched of instant coffee,  canned coffee and drip coffee, Japan has gained an extensive coffee knowledge which makes her become the No. 1 coffee-drinking country in Asia.    To achieve perfection, Tandron Spirits International Limited. gives Hong Kong coffee fans a premium choice of green coffee beans.

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